The Roads Most Traveled

The Roads Most Traveled is my photographic body of work covering 40 years of immigration across the U.S./Mexico border, the sending communities and the receiving communities beyond the theater of the borderline itself – way beyond. It’s an irreplaceable record of the faces and circumstances of those for whom the ills and joys of migration for survival cannot be dispassionate or distanced.   

These 8 chapters imperfectly record some of the Causes and Consequences of Illegal Immigration. They’re not a blueprint for closed borders, open borders or anything in between. They’re about the subjects you see within every 35mm format rectangle. The #1 author of each picture is that person or place. Sure, I decided what to leave in and what to leave out and labored to get there and get away but I did it to enable you to see your fellow man – people you may have missed between 1978- 2018.

The entire body of work is the result of an exhausting amount of research, physical strength, time and an unwavering belief that I was recording history in the making. Whether on the migrant trail or at the end station, I seldom flinched in the face of fear, crushing emotion, abject disgust or tearful joy. This never-ending story remains the soul of my photojournalism purpose.

I invite you to linger on these images, study the faces, the foreground, background and edges. Don’t give them the ol’ social media scroll. My captions will help you understand what you’re looking at, and sometimes what’s not in the picture. Anecdotes offer something personal. After all that you might wonder, as the great Dust Bowl Era photographer Dorothea Lange wondered, “How can such things be?”   


Between Two Worlds


Uneasy Neighbors


Enrique’s Journey


Mexico Under Siege


Product of Mexico


Without a Country


The Fire Within


The New Foreign Aid