Here are a few stories about my career and my approach to photojournalism:


When Does Photojournalism Transcend Into Art? by Giulia Prati

“In this research essay I pondered the indistinct boundary between photojournalism and fine art by conducting a case study of Don Bartletti’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo essay on the human toll of immigration”. Note: Don’t miss the Q&A at the end.

Don Bartletti at the Newseum in Washington DC.

Don Bartletti at the Newseum in Washington DC.

The Newseum Pulitzer Prize Photographs

Here’s a 1minute teaser about the Pulitzer Prize Photography Gallery at the Newseum in Washington DC. If you go there, don’t miss the full 20 minute version about the men and women who made history’s most memorable photographs. And --- at the entrance to the gallery is a giant color photograph of what everyone seems to refer to as, The Kids on the Horse. “Chiapas Racers” is part of my 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. Email a copy of yourself on the bench in front of it and I’d be honored to add you to my archive.

Photographers Speak – Interview with Dean Brierly

This was a wonderful forum that explains my personal approach to photojournalism which falls somewhere between a scavenger hunt and cultural anthropology.

Uneasy Neighbors - Solo exhibit at the University of La Verne (California)

Discussing migration is always a sensitive topic. Countless arguments pile up either in favor or against it. Simplifying the rhetoric for the sake of argumentation does a disservice to all the human being involved in it. Don Bartletti’s detailed account of Latin American migrants’ lives at home and in the ”promised land” serves to portray multiple aspects of those very lives
— Professor Adrian Marcelino Velazquez Vazquez, Ph.D.