The Story Remains The Same


The December 30, 2018 San Diego Union-Tribune features a remarkable presentation of my photographs and story about the recent Central American migrant drama at the Tijuana/San Diego border. On the U-T website you can read about and see the anarchy at high noon on November 25, 2018. About 1000 “caravan” members from a temporary shelter at the Benito Juarez Sports Park surged in mass to the Tijuana side of the San Ysidro, CA, Port of Entry.

As I focused on throngs of people running across the Tijuana River levees and clambering through a gap in the steel border fence I swear I saw the ghosts of migrants past. It was both breaking news and a poignant scene that happened decades ago.

Millions have made this same breathless journey across this same ground in an attempt to enter the United States. The ghosts I imagined were black & white memories from a career-long dedication to the never ending saga of migration for survival. “The Story Remains the Same” is my 1st person retrospective spanning nearly 40 years of photojournalism from down there on the corner of History and the Future.

Don Bartletti